Collectible baubles

Drawing inspiration from the rare bird species dependent on the Wildmoor Heath Nature Reserve, we have created three different baubles. Each bauble features a drawn species of rare bird that lives in Wildmoor Heath Nature Reserve connecting the community with the nature surrounding them.

We hope that by producing a set of three different baubles over 3 years it will increase demand in acquiring a full “set” of three baubles and future demand for specific baubles missing from personal collections

There will be three different birds on the baubles; a woodlark (2018), a nightjar (2019) and a Dartford warbler, one design per year. Each year they will be named and numbered to make them an easier to track collectible.  If you missed out on the 2018 Woodlark bauble, don’t worry there’s still time to get collecting!

The limited edition baubles will be available from mid-November from the Information Hub at a cost of £2 each in aid of The Lexicon Charity Fund.

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