Published 07 July 2022

Bracknell logoTo celebrate The Lexicon's fifth birthday - there will be five GIANTS this year

Will Wildwood

In Princess Square, adventurous giant Will Wildwood, will make his debut appearance. 

This new giant boasts an integral slide, with a message for visitors to have fun outdoors.

Elderma the Forest Guardian

Come and meet this gentle grandmother, stand in the palm of her giant hand and listen to her wise words in this magical forest takeover in Princess Square.

Lady Greenwood

Lady Nell Greenwood is like Mother Earth herself, full of the beauty of nature. 

From the smallest insect to the mightiest tree, she knows that every creature and plant plays a vital part in creating the magnificence of the forest.

Little Acorn

Little Acorn (situated opposite The Bull), a young sapling, looks at the world in a playful, and endlessly curious way. 

She sees the forest as an enjoyable place to explore, to learn from and to discover new ideas.

Wise Woodland

Wise Woodland is rooted in the rich history of the forests within Bracknell Forest Borough. 

He is the guardian of the past and shares the collective memory of many of the towering veteran trees which live there.

Bracknell Forest Festival map

Please note there will be photographers and/or videographers in town for Bracknell Forest Festival. Images taken will be used by The Lexicon and Bracknell Forest Council for publicity and marketing purposes.

Event dates

Between 24 Aug 2022 - 04 Sep 2022

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