Lady Greenwood


20 August to 01 September

The story of Lady Greenwood

Lady Nell Greenwood is like Mother Earth herself, full of the beauty of nature and a beacon of love and respect for everything in the forest. 

From the smallest insect to the mightiest tree, Lady Greenwood knows that each and every creature and plant plays its own vital part in creating the magnificence of the forest.

Name:  Lady Nell Greenwood
Age: As old as time
Characteristics: Graceful, wise and cares for everything around her
Height: 6 metres when sitting, but as large as the entire forest when standing tall
Location: Sitting outside Marks & Spencers on The Avenue from 20 August to 1 September 2021
Likes: All flora and fauna of the forest equally


Between 20 Aug - 01 Sep

Footprint trail


Between 20 Aug - 30 Aug

Weekday acts