Mum, you shall go to the MALL!

As a Mother’s Day gift, the very special ladies visiting The Lexicon on Saturday 30 March will enjoy a Cinderella moment when encountering one of our magical mice!
The highly talented dancers, acrobats and actors in costume will be offering a helping hand along the way and delivering random acts of kindness, guaranteed to make Mum smile and feel special.
A chocolate will be delivered with a pirouette and a song, Mum’s shopping is piled onto a luggage trolley while she’s waltzed to the next store and the children are recruited to help Mum try on a glass slipper!

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Event dates & times
Saturday 30 March 2019
11.00 - 16.00

Please note there will be a 45 minute break at 13.00
The Lexicon
RG12 1AP