Wise Woodland


20 August to 01 September

The story of Wise Woodland

Wise Woodland is rooted in the rich history of the forests within Bracknell Forest Borough. He is the guardian of the past and shares the collective memory of many of the towering veteran trees which live there. 

This is what gives him his name - Woodland because he shares the knowledge of many trees, and Wise because these trees are the ancient giants of old.

Name: Wise Woodland
Age: 400 years
Characteristics: Wise and knowledgeable about the history of the forest
Height: 6.5 metres tall
Location: Standing tall outside Bill's and Boots on Braccan Walk North from 20 August to 1 September 2021
Likes: Respecting, protecting and enjoying the forest


Between 20 Aug - 01 Sep

Footprint trail


Between 20 Aug - 30 Aug

Weekend acts