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King of Pride

We decided to support the LGBTQ+ community and the King’s Coronation with a crown made from rainbow feathers. We used rainbow colours and sequins, linking to Pride and making it bright and eye-catching. The mannequin is unique and different which is what being a part of the LGBTQ+ community is all about.

Le temps d’hiver

Arctic blue is the colour we associated with wintertime and January. We considered all the aspects of winter that can be integrated into the design, such as the boots, earmuffs, snowflakes and dead branches. We added the owl for a point of interest as January is the start of their breeding season and they can be seen more readily.

Head in the Clouds

We wanted our flower power mannequin to pop with colour using nature; sun, sky trees and flowers. The head piece, inspired by the saying ‘head in the clouds’, adds a daydreaming vibe alongside fairy wings. We added a variety of clouds, as its not always clear skies in May.


We wanted to focus on capturing the true theme of remembrance and the feelings that can arise during November. We did this by creating a striking mannequin using the colours of red and black, inspired by the poppy. The large black hat represents mourning and the emotions that can be felt around the time of remembrance.

Valentina Valentine

We used Valentine’s Day as our main inspiration. We wanted her to look like she was going on a dinner date, with lots of flowers, the traditional gift on Valentine’s Day. We focused on red and pink, colours associated with love, mixed with other vibrant colours to make it more eye-catching. Vote for me or you’ll be single forever!

Spring Bloom

We combined the months of March and April’s colours, make-up and origami. To add some texture to March her skirt is made from astroturf, with patterns drawn using oil pastels. March’s vines are physical and stuck onto wire to give the effect that they are growing on her.

Shades of Autumn

Featuring a rust coloured mannequin wearing a floral leaf top, using leaves in Autumnal colours of orange, red and brown. The leafy top features a downwards facing gradient from lime green and yellow to browns and reds to show the decay and decline of the season. The tan silk lower dress flows along the ground to represent falling leaves.

Everfrost Envoys

December conjures up thoughts of Christmas frost and wintry weather, so these two themes were the inspiration. We incorporated the colour of red and the red poinsettia for Christmas. We then used an icy blue for the dress with details of snowflakes and frost for the outfit, finishing it off with fairy lights to evoke more Christmas vibes into the design.

Headless Hunter

For October, we were inspired by old Halloween legends such as the headless horseman and scarecrows. We chose to have a pumpkin head, to represent the headless horseman and his Jack O’lantern head. The ragged look, loose threads and straw take inspiration from scarecrows.


We decided to make it sugary pink with a short dress filled with everyone’s favourite sweets. The inspiration was to make a fun mannequin representing finishing school for the summer holidays. July is also in the summertime, when people are eating sweets and ice cream.

Summer Sunset

Our August mannequin was inspired by lazy summer days at the beach and seeing the sunset at the end of the day. We chose to do this because summer is the time for being out in the sunshine and being around the sea. We made a seagull for the top of the head to add a bit extra to the mannequin, and these birds are associated with summer holidays.

Blushing Vines

For April we knew immediately we wanted to include flowers, leaves, and spring/naturist aesthetics. The inspiration for the trousers was Mika’s outfit from Eurovision. The vines on his body are painted with handmade leaves and roses to add more texture. Origami flowers link March and April, the flowering season.

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