Updated notice from The Lexicon

Victoria Jane Morris

The Lexicon, Bracknell invited blogger Victoria Jane Morris to take a whistle stop tour of the fabulous new shopping centre, just 10 minutes from her home. She brought her lovely mum along too. Read on to see what they got up to.

Melanie Kentish

Family lifestyle blogger and mum of two, Melanie Kentish, was invited to take some time out of her very busy schedule and sample the fairytale shopping delights of The Lexicon, Bracknell, child-free!

Hot Pink Wellies

Once upon a time at The Lexicon, Bracknell, a magical Fairy Godmother granted 7 shoppers the shopping trip of their dreams. Katy Reeve, aka blogger Hot Pink Wellies, was one of them.

Lady of The Manor

Hayley finds all her heart desires at The Lexicon. Lifestyle Consultant, Style Blogger and Instagram star Hayley Karseras (aka Lady of the Manor) was transported into a wonderful new world of shopping.

The Mummy Stylist

Family, fashion and furniture blogger The Mummy Stylist (aka Sabrina Jillah) took a trip, with her toddler in tow, to The Lexicon Bracknell.

Muddy Stilettoes

The Lexicon Bracknell invited arts, culture and countryside blogger Muddy Stilettoes to wipe down her shoes and head for to The Lexicon, Bracknell to see what Berkshire’s newest shopping destination has to offer.

The Only way is Latte

Blogger, jetsetter and hard-working mum Kim (aka The Only Way is Latte) set off towards Berkshire for a dream shopping day at The Lexicon, Bracknell.