Criteria for the Charity and Community Cart (CCC)

The Lexicon Bracknell provides a cart and designated area free of charge within Braccan Walk South for local charities and community groups to host promotions and awareness building campaigns. To qualify to use this space for free, you must be a non-profit making organisation based within the Borough of Bracknell.

To qualify to use the CCC and space for free, you must be a non-profit making organisation based in the Borough of Bracknell, hold a Public Liability Indemnity Insurance for £5million and able to submit a dedicated site-specific risk assessment.

We are currently only able to accommodate 30 individual bookings per calendar year. The cart can be booked by charities and community groups for a maximum of two times per calendar year.

For all other opportunities for paid for space, please contact Nancy Finch at Flourish via email or mobile on 07920 017850

  1. Allow at least one month prior to your event for your application to be processed.
  2. Take some time to read the information below to ensure that you comply with all of the rules, regulations and standards required.
  3. Complete the application form below, attach your risk assessment and public liability insurance. Example risk assessment forms found here
  4. Once submitted, it could take up to ten working days to receive a response from us on whether your application has been successful.
  5. If you wish to collect any money, donations or sell any products, you must obtain a Street
  6. Collection License from Bracknell Forest Council before applying to use this stand.
  7. Further information is available on request by calling The Lexicon management team on 01344 596720.

Charity and Community Cart set up / break down

The promotion must be in location and set up before 9.00am with no exceptions and the cart must be manned for the duration of the promotion during The Lexicon’s core trading hours.

  • The Lexicon will provide the "chariy and community cart" for your use. The cart is approximately 1.8m long by 1m wide.
  • The stand will be situated on Braccan Walk South, outside Waterstones, a steady footfall area that also has the benefit of being under cover. Please see the highlighted pink box outside unit 125 here.
  • The Lexicon team will move the barrow into place in the morning and will remove it again at the end of the day.
  • Whilst setting up please practice due diligence in all matters regarding Health & Safety to both yourselves and visitors to The Lexicon.
  • Braccan Walk car park provides the best access to this area, however there are three main car parks at The Lexicon. Note that we do not give free or discounted parking for promotional staff.
  • In case of emergencies The Lexicon reserves the right to cancel or rescind the booking at short notice. The Lexicon will not be liable for any costs incurred and will attempt to rebook the organisation at another time.

Visual Standards

  • We do not allow trestle tables / gazebos or any other poster/leaflet stand of any kind to sit alongside the cart.
  • A cupboard is incorporated in the cart for your personal belongings, bags, coats or the pop-up banner bags etc. these must not be on show, on top of the cart or on the floor.
  • The cart must be used with care and we would expect it to remain in the same condition throughout the promotion. Any damage to the cart will be chargeable. The licensee is responsible for removing any promotional material and rubbish from the cart at the end of the day.
  • The only advertising materials permitted on the unit will be professional leaflets and/or show cards. The cart does contain poster snap frames and leaflet dispensers.
  • Leafleting and handing out of promotional material is only permitted if requested by the customer.
  • A single free-standing pop-up banner (one only) is permitted to stand alongside the cart. No additional banners should be attached to the cart.
  • For health and safety reasons, the yellow cart handle covers must be in place while the cart is being used.


  • A member of staff must be present at all times during the duration of the promotion and the cart must not be left unattended.
  • The Lexicon operates a zero-tolerance policy on aggressive selling techniques and practices. All staff must stay within close proximity to the cart.
  • No smoking, eating, drinking, reading, or use of mobile devices (except in an emergency) is allowed whilst running the promotion. There are a number of restaurants, cafés and public seating areas that can be used for rest breaks and lunch.

What happens next?

  • Complete the application form below
  • Attach your risk assessment and a copy of your public liability insurance
  • We'll be in touch thereafter

Be aware that it could take up to ten working days to receive a response from us on whether your application has been successful.


  • Please do let us know how your promotion went and let us have any feedback on the process. You can get in touch by calling the office on 01344 596720 or via our contact form here

Charity and Community Cart Application

Application Form for the Charity and Community Cart at The Lexicon

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Customer information

Lost something?

Please enquire by calling The Lexicon main number

01344 596720

Customer information points

If you need to speak to a member of staff while you’re in The Lexicon, a customer information phone can be found in Princess Square.

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