The Lexicon and your community

The Lexicon is at the very heart of Bracknell - and the very centre of our community. It’s an important place to be and that’s why we’re involved with some special local initiatives. 
Our commitment to the environment
The Lexicon is located in a very green and beautiful part of the country and we’re determined to do our part to keep it that way. We also recognise that, as a shopping centre, we are responsible for the consumption of vast amounts of energy and water every year – and the production of massive amounts of waste. The transportation of goods along with customers and staff members travelling to us every day releases many thousands of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.
Working in partnership with our shops, restaurants and leisure operators, The Lexicon seeks to minimise the environmental impact created by the daily activities that go on within the town centre. Here’s what we are doing to help.
Having a certified Environmental Management System: We are committed to identifying, controlling and improving our environmental performance and are working towards ISO 14001 accreditation, which sets out the criteria for an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). This means that we are committed to the prevention of pollution and that we comply with environmental legislation.   
Collecting data around consumption and waste: As part of our Environmental Management System, The Lexicon will collect data around energy and water consumption and waste production, and will review findings on a regular basis.
Reducing our energy consumption: Simple measures such as switching off heating, air conditioning, lights, signage lighting and fans at the end of the day are an easy way of demonstrating environmental awareness and reducing energy consumption, and we encourage our retailers to do the same.
Promoting green travel: We encourage staff to cycle to work or participate in a car share arrangement. We also have four electric car charging points across two of our car parks.

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