The Lexicon and your community

The Lexicon is at the very heart of Bracknell - and the very centre of our community. It’s an important place to be and that’s why we’re involved with some special local initiatives.

As an integral part of the local community, we’re committing to enriching our surroundings and protecting the environment. Working in partnership with our shops, restaurants, leisure operators and visitors, we’re finding new and innovative ways to become greener.

Here’s what we’re doing to protect the environment:

Implementing a certified Environment Management System

We are committed to identifying, controlling and improving our environmental performance, which is why we’re working towards ISO 14001 accreditation. Incorporating the national framework for an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) into our own in-house policy, The Lexicon is committed to preventing pollution and reducing carbon emissions.

Environmental Data Collection

To make meaningful changes, it’s important to know how much energy is being used and how much waste is being created. To ensure our environmental strategies are effective, The Lexicon uses a range of advanced data collection methods to accurately measure consumption and outputs.

Reducing Energy Consumption

Minimising energy usage is something everyone can do to protect the environment. From ensuring signage is switched off at the end of the day to choose energy-efficient lighting, we have a number of initiatives to reduce energy consumption.

Promoting Green Travel

We’re committed to providing staff and visitors with greener ways to get to and from The Lexicon. We’ve already introduced four electrical charging points across our car parks, so it’s easy to recharge your vehicle when you visit us. With staff incentive schemes to encourage local workers to cycle to work or participate in a car share arrangement, The Lexicon is helping to preserve our stunning natural surroundings.

Working Towards A Greener Future

As the UK aims to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025, The Lexicon remains committed to minimising our impact on the environment too. Our team are continually reviewing and revising our environmental strategies to ensure we’re always moving towards a net zero carbon footprint.

We love Bracknell as much as you do, so you can rest assured that we’re doing everything possible to make the town cleaner, greener and safer for future generations.

Supporting the community

The Lexicon Community Cart

Are you a local charity or community group that would like to use space in The Lexicon Bracknell to get the word out about your cause? Sign up via our easy application form and we'll be in touch.

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