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Meet Lexisaurus


The future of cinema is here. Cineworld Bracknell is an amazing 12-screen cinema that shows movies in 2D, 3D and now even 4DX - a totally immersive experience that recreates the environment of the film you’re watching. Think seat motion, weather effects, scents, lights and more! Plan your visit to Cineworld Bracknell.

And especially for families, Cineworld Bracknell also offers:

The Cineworld family ticket: Adults pay kids’ prices with the Cineworld family ticket, designed for groups of four with up to two adults. Terms and conditions apply.

Movies for Juniors: Introduce your children to the exciting world of cinema with discounted weekly screenings of kid-friendly films, from animated features to live action movies.

Cinebabies: At these special screenings just for parents and their babies, the lights will be dimmed and the sound slightly turned down so you can enjoy a movie with your baby in your arms. Cinebabies also provides nappy-changing facilities and pushchair storage.

Register with MyCineworld to learn more Cineworld’s tickets and events for families and children.