The artist and inspiration

Kerry Lemon is an artist living in Virginia Water, who was given the opportunity through the commission created by Artscape for an ‘Artist in a Design Team Role’ detailed in their Public Art Strategy for Bracknell Town Centre. Kerry spent six months researching Bracknell’s unique natural environment to develop truly bespoke art. Here’s what she’s created for The Lexicon - and what inspired her.


Kerry discovered that there are two types of soil in Bracknell - clay in the north and a more acidic soil in the south. Using the High Street as a virtual divide, she chose 36 plants that reflect the different areas of the borough.

Her drawings of these plants were turned first into wooden and then into brass templates, and then inlaid in dark granite paving slabs to create a floral nature trail that runs through The Lexicon.


The wildness theme also extends into some amazing lighting features. For Eagle Lane, home to The Lexicon’s restaurants, huge brass drums will depict cut outs of edible plants. Across the town centre, lights will project beautiful drawings of moths originally found in Bracknell and held at Reading Museum.


Lexicon will feature five huge benches, each in the shape of a birch leaf. Sculpted insects made from solid brass will be inlaid in each of the benches.

These will be located in Bond Square and at the intersection of The Avenue and Braccan Walk, providing a fabulous place to relax with family and friends.

Bracknell Dusk Walkers

In 2016, local residents took part in a series of torch-lit walks led by acclaimed artist Laurence Payot, giving them a chance to rediscover Bracknell’s woodland in a new inspirational way.

Images from the walks and a poem entitled ‘Encounter Forest Light’ written by poet Scott Farlow, created the fantastic Bracknell Dusk Walkers exhibition which showcased this unique art project.

Download the full poem ‘Encounter Forest Light’ here.