Bracknell Lions Donate Public Access Defibrillator to Town Centre

This week Bracknell Forest Lions are celebrating after the exiting unveiling of the new public access defibrillator at The Lexicon.

The club bought the £1,500 defibrillator using funds from their popular annual event the Bracknell Show from 2020, but the full unveiling has been delayed due to the pandemic. The Lexicon have also been working hard on the redevelopment of the area, giving the defibrillator a brilliant new spot and backboard to make it more visible to those in need. It's back up in it's new location and ready to save some lives.

In 2018 Claire Ford collapsed at the end of the Bracknell Half Marathon when she suffered cardiac arrest and her life was saved by and A&E Nurse and then Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue delivered shocks from their defibrillator to restart her heart. Her friend Claire Doyle teamed up with her to try to raise money for another public access defibrillator in the town (to supplement the one that is currently situated outside Game), as well as a number of others across Bracknell.

Bracknell Lions are the World’s largest fundraising and services organisation, and the opportunity to place a second lifesaving device in the town centre became a priority for the club at the end of 2019. Claire supported the club in the mechanics of buying the defibrillator and the weatherproof lockable case.

Press representative Clare from the Lions Club says “Statistically only 8% of people experiencing cardiac arrest outside of hospital survive, but this is much higher in countries where defibrillators are more accessible. It can also happen to anyone at any time, so the public nature of the unit is really important so that it can be accessed in an emergency. Thanks to Sue Boor and her team at The Lexicon for their support.”

The defibrillator is positioned opposite The War Memorial between F Hinds Jewellers and the new Sports Direct Evans Cycle entrance. In an emergency can be access by calling 999 and following the instructions.

Rob Morris, general manager at The Lexicon says: We are delighted to be able to offer an additional public access unit defibrillator in the town centre. Huge thanks to Bracknell Forest Lions for enabling this to happen.

For more information about the work that Bracknell Lions do, please get in touch.