In advance of World Bee Day, which takes place on May 20 2022, The Lexicon is delighted to announce The Lexicon Pollinators Programme, an interactive community scheme, to support local bees.

In line with World Bee Day’s theme of ‘Bee engaging – Build Back Better for Bees', The Lexicon has teamed up with up with experts Bee Responsible to raise awareness about the threats that human activities pose to pollinators and to share valuable insight and expertise on how to help bees within the community.

Much has been reported globally about a general decline in the numbers and condition of pollinating insects such as bees, without which, there would be no forest, wildflowers, fruit trees, crops or food.

And, with forest and green open spaces making up more than 40% of Bracknell borough’s landscape, protecting bees has great local relevance.

As part of the programme, The Lexicon has installed three bee hives and established a bee garden on the roof of Princess Square and as the year progresses will be letting everyone know what is happening to the hives and their bee colonies.

Marek Bryant, operations manager at The Lexicon says: “I have been an amateur bee-keeper for three years, and so was delighted that we now have some hives at The Lexicon.  “Not only are these wonderful creatures essential for all our lives, they are absolutely fascinating to observe and work with. Our Pollinators Programme will give everyone an insight into the life of bees and give useful information about things that everyone can do to help bees flourish.”

To celebrate the launch and World Bee Day visitors to The Lexicon can see five incredible bee sculptures that have been designed by local artists, which will be located in Princess Square.

Pamela Chambers, founder of Bee Responsible says: “We are so pleased to be supporting The Lexicon Pollinators Programme. Our aim is to help people understand about honeybees, the impact that they and other pollinating insects have on our eco-system and to leave a healthier legacy for the future generations.”

The Lexicon Pollinators Programme will also include activities such as regular facts, seed giveaways, educational days and eventually the chance to purchase some honey, with proceeds going to The Lexicon Charity Fund.

Local artists

Mark Manley – Wokingham - Arcadian Queen
Bex Glover – Bristol – Flora for Life
Cat Croxford – Reading – Bracknell Forest
Caroline Crawford – Woodley - Peacock Bee
James Maddison – Maidenhead – Buddy Da Bee

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