Published 07 July 2022

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Find the Seedling Sprites and win some fantastic prizes!

Pick up a trail sheet and discover our family of five Seedling Sprites, hiding around the town centre. Unlock their secrets for the chance to win...

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Little Thistle the Seedling Sprite

This plucky young sprite is a proud Forest Guardian, protecting her woodland home under the watchful eye of 'Elderma' the protect grandmother giant of the forest.

Poppy-Go-Lucky the Seedling Sprite

A carefree and adventurous sprite, Poppy-Go-Lucky can often be found climbing the trees with Will Wildwood looking for fun packed actions.

Pinecone Fairy the Seedling Sprite

This flying sprite uses her wings to take to the skies, encouraging other seeds to get moving and find their very own place in the forest to spread their roots and grow to be the best they can be.

Old Acorn the Seedling Sprite

Old Acorn has been around for many years and is a highly respected member of the Seedling Sprites. His magical powers give protection to trees, and it has been said that all of the veteran and ancient trees within the forest have had his protective spell cast on them at some point in their long lives, which is why they are still here.

Bluebell the Seedling Sprite

This delightful dancing sprite helps Lady Greenwood gather animals and plants from far and wide to create a rich mix within the forest and ensure a brilliantly buoyant biodiverse community.

Every child that completes the Seedling Sprites Trail will be given a free limited-edition pop-badge (while stocks last) featuring our Seedling Sprites. They are also available by making a pledge with Elderma, The Forest Guardian, visiting The Night Forest or follow the Tails & Trails team.

Please note there will be photographers and/or videographers in town for Bracknell Forest Festival. Images taken will be used by The Lexicon and Bracknell Forest Council for publicity and marketing purposes.

Event dates

Between 24 Aug 2022 - 04 Sep 2022

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