The Lexicon today unveiled the new huge bee hotel that local schools and participants in the half term craft classes created for the town centre bee garden.

Part of the BEE Aware week, The Lexicon and nature club, Little Muddy Boots , visited Crown Wood Primary, Wooden Hill Primary, Kennel Lane, St. Michael's Sandhurst and Jennets Park schools, to kick-start the project.

The children at these schools made a magnificent start to the new bee hotel and also learnt a little more about the important role that bees play in everyone’s lives.

This work was continued during half term by the children that attend the BEE Aware craft sessions.

Sue Boor, Head of Marketing at The Lexicon says: 

“Our Bee Aware Week was a huge success with more than 1,000 local children getting involved in one way or another. We hope that everyone plants the bee bombs handed out and we see wildflower gardens sprouting up across the borough.”

BEE Aware Week ran during half term in the town centre and included craft sessions, a bee trail, education and planting workshops.

Hannah Brewer, founder at Little Muddy Boots says:

"It was such a brilliant collaboration to be part of, to be able to teach so many children about the importance of bees and pollinators was amazing. Gardening and nature is an important issue close to our hearts and I hope it encourages more families to get outside and have fun together supporting wildlife outdoors."